Trashion Fashion Show Recap

What an incredible event and venue it was on October the 28th. The Trashion Fashion show was a huge hit with about 100 people or so in attendance and seven custom designs created and modeled.  Sukima kicked off the fashion show in a fantastic outfit she designed named the “Queen of Trash Al Vainia” in all white made with non-recyclable materials like bubble wrap and box food insulation for her crown. Merlin and Anna designed their outfits from repurposed scraps of bits and bobbles and even a few doodads. Together, their designs made up “The Crow and the Raven” and had beautiful detail throughout.

Another outfit was made entirely out of playing cards. This outfit was designed and created by Marjorie Taylor and named appropriately “Lady Luck”. Lady Luck was created to celebrate good fortune in matters of the heart and was made from over 2000 recycled heart playing cards that had been clipped and discarded by Las Vegas Casinos (a practice used to discourage cheating). This piece was worn and modeled by Amanda Sparks.

This year’s shows were a coordinated effort by the Orcas Center and The Exchange. A big thanks to all of those who participated and helped make this show happen, especially Zoe Osenbach, Leon Rosenblatt, Marjorie Taylor, Charlie Eon, and all of the PLEA80s band members.  May fast fashion be a thing of the past some day and may Trashion Fashion take us forward to the future!