Help Us Upgrade Island Recycling!

Help ORS build an up-graded recycling facility on Orcas.

The recycling system in America is currently broken. And while we can’t fix the Country, we do have a solution for Orcas. Next time you come to the transfer station or The Exchange, consider adding a dollar or two to your tab to help us build a recycling facility on site.

China and the rest of Asia have decided to no longer accept all of this Country’s recyclable materials.  Without a market, much of of this material is ending up in U.S. landfills.

We can’t do much about the rest of the Country; but here at home we have a solution. Orcas needs to get back to separating recyclable materials—metals, cardboard, paper, glass, plastic. This will minimize costs for everyone, and to make sure these materials actually get recycled.

To do this, ORS needs equipment—specifically a “baler”.  A baler is an industrial-grade trash compactor that would allow us to efficiently ship ‘bales’ of cans, cardboard, paper and plastics to the mainland.

This summer we are kicking off a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the baler, and the building that will house it. Our initial target is $250,000. We have already raised just over $55,000.

Next time you visit the Transfer Station or Exchange, please consider adding a buck or two to your tab to help us build a baler facility so that we can begin to fix the recycling problem on Orcas!