Recycling is Not Enough–Reuse!

If you’re looking for ways to keep education flowing through your household during the stay-at-home orders, check out this video and discussion guide from Alex Eaves. Alex takes us on a journey around the country looking at many innovative ways people are focusing on reuse.

A section of the video takes a look at the people and organizations involved in clothing reuse, pointing out that it takes 400-gallons of water to grow the cotton needed for one new t-shirt.

The film focuses on reuse solutions and explores mobile gardens and greenhouses, residential and commercial water reuse, a fleet of taxis that run on used vegetable oil, tool sharing, and how medical equipment is disinfected and reused.

It also takes a look at how coffee shops can get involved with composting, the work deconstruction companies are doing to save historic wood, and even how tall buildings are being used to create climbing walls. So many great reuse ideas!

Download and take a look at the Documentary Discussion guide and start a reuse conversation in your home today!