No More Plastic Bags…

Attention Orcas Recyclers: No More OPAQUE Plastic Bags!

Please bring recyclables loose, in clear bags, or in recyclable containers like a cardboard box, or brown paper shopping bag. CLEAR plastic bags are also acceptable.

We are working with a new processing facility. The way they operate, plastic bags, tied shut, DO NOT GET OPENED UP—THEY GO RIGHT IN TO THE GARBAGE.

They do this for the protection of the workers—if the bag is opaque, they can’t see what is in it. It could contain sharps or other dangerous materials.

If you must use black bags, we will be asking everyone to tear them open at the transfer station and discard the bags separately (we will take these at no charge).

We realize that this was the process some years ago. We apologize for any confusion! And here’s an update of what is–and is not–recyclable: recycle guidelines 3-06-15