2021 Legislation in Congress

In March 2021 HR2238 (House) and S984 (Senate) the “Break Free From Plastic Act” was introduced and sent to committee. The bill would ban some single-use plastic products, set recycled content requirements and enact a national EPR program. It also would limit permits for building new plastic factories which excites environmentalists and angers the plastic industry. Exciting stuff! Also exciting, In 2020 ORS/The Exchange called congressman Rick Larsen, and he has signed on as a sponsor of the bill! Thanks Rick! Here’s more on the bill.

EPR Law in Oregon: 

The key to a truly recyclable future is not cleaning out the last bit of peanut butter in the jar. Its re-thinking the packaging itself. Extended Producer Responsibility, or EPR, is the concept that manufacturers of disposable materials should be responsible for the waste they generate.

Oregon just passed a ground breaking EPR law (following on the heels of Maine). This is important and exciting stuff. Read about it HERE.

And to learn more about EPR check out this article by ORS Staff.