For those of you who participated in our successful first annual Wormapalooza event, The Whys and Hows of Worm Composting, we will be offering a follow-up, hands-on workshop later this month. If you have not received the invite via email please reach out to Nancy. Stay tuned for future event announcements! Until then, here is a link to a video showing the basic how-to’s of getting started with a simple worm bin.

Composting your food and plant materials are one of the few things you can do related to both climate change and the health of our island’s soil, that we can have positive, direct and immediate control over. It’s not ‘waste’ until you throw it in the garbage.

Recap of September 13th Event
Participants were provided an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of worm composting and were shown how to get started on this fun adventure. During this event they learned how to:

  • set up different types of worm bins, choose the right type of worm bin and how to keep worms happy and healthy
  • convert kitchen and garden scraps into worm castings, the coveted and potent black gold of compost
  • get started with this interesting and fun adventure – from indoor or outdoor bins to simple, inexpensive or more involved systems

Some participants stuck around for an optional hands-on workshop where they built simple bins.