The Value of Docents at the Transfer Station

Our docents are back on duty at the Z-wall where you drop off your recyclable materials. We started this program in 2019 to explain our cardboard separation program, as well as answer other recycling questions. We are back on duty now and see great value in the docents. Kathi is a new docent this year, and does an excellent job of explaining recycling practices to our customers. John and Dave are back on duty, and use their knowledge of what goes where, and why, to help customers understand the processes. We find that if you understand the value of doing things a certain way, it makes it easy to adjust.
“We could really use more volunteer docents, and are eager to find more islanders who want to help,” said Jim “Duff” Duffield, volunteer coordinator. The orientation is simple and hands-on. Volunteers are asked to work a two-hour shift, and you can pick and choose when you want to work.  If you believe in recycling, please consider helping out this summer. Contact Duff at or 360-376-3032.