Comparing Product Packaging

Plastic, glass or aluminum? Do you consider the packaging of the product you’re purchasing? Check out this fun infographic comparing your packaging choices for soda. (Cost to recycle based on ORS current pricing)

Plastic Recycling Explained

Changes are likely coming soon to the type of plastics that will be recyclable in San Juan County. In the past we’ve accepted most plastics in the co-mingled recycling stream. However it is likely that in…

Recycling Tip: The Scoop On Recycling Plastic Film

recycling or trash

For more than a year ORS has been encouraging folks to put all plastic film (plastic bags, plastic wraps, bubble wraps, air pillows, etc) in the garbage, and out of the mixed recycling. Yet folks often…

Recycling Tip: No Plastic Film

Recycling contaminants

This summer, you may meet one of our Recycling Docents at the Orcas Transfer Station when you drop off your recycling. Docents are there to help educate everyone on how to recycle better.  They also try…

Solving the Plastic Packaging Problem

plastic alternative evocative

Recycle 2.0 was launched with the purpose of continuing education on the current worldwide recycling challenges. Plastics are a big part of that issue.  As long as we continue producing plastic products at the current rate,…

Sorting Through the Plastic Numbers

Recycling Plastics

We’ve been discussing plastics a lot lately. And for good reason. But have you ever been confused by those numbers listed on plastics? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…what makes one plastic different from another….