Spring Material and Tool Recycling

The arrival of spring means warmer weather, spring cleaning, as well as home, yard, and garden projects. If you’re doing any kind of building you’ve probably been shocked by the rising cost of lumber – up 193% since April 2020 (NAHB) – and may have decided to postpone what you were planning. 

We wanted to remind everyone that we do have a tools and construction area at The Exchange and will happily accept any donations of working construction tools, yard and gardening supplies, and construction materials. If you’re taking down a structure to replace it and the wood or lumber is in decent shape, give us a call and let us know what you’ve got! We can’t guarantee we can take everything (we’ve got limited space), but we also may know someone looking for something you’d like to donate – a win-win for the environment!

We also take new and used windows and doors, sinks, plumbing fixtures, and more! Email jeff@exchangeorcas.org with a list of tools and/or building materials you’d like to donate.