Smart Glass Separation

Here is some basic guidance for glass recycling!

What goes into your glass tote:

  • Bottles/jars/jugs–empty, clean, and ideally no labels or caps or corks– labels on may be OK, and the aluminum rim on the neck is OK–all will come off in the processing
  • No need to separate colors of glass at this time–maybe later
  • Bottles/jars/jugs already broken into pieces are OK
  • Window glass and Mirrors—without frames—BE CAREFUL with loose glass to avoid injury

What does NOT go into your tote:

  • No plastic of any kind–bottles or bags, especially
  • No ceramic materials–tile, porcelain
  • No light bulbs—incandescent—fluorescent—LED

Glass recycling totes are NOT required”—they are just being provided to make the separation and recycling easier. Whatever you use to store your glass, be sure you can lift it so you can put the glass into the big storage bins at the recycling wall at the transfer station.

A full glass recycling tote is considered to be one-half of a garbage can full, and the cashier will use that as a reference.