Put Cardboard in its Place

In the past, cardboard in the mixed recycling bins wasn’t a big deal. However, we can do better now…and for a good reason. We have a baler now that allows us to compact corrugated cardboard (as well as other materials) into bales that take up less space in a shipping container. This means fewer trips to the mainland resulting in dollars being saved on transportation. We don’t really make money on cardboard, but we can certainly spend less to recycle it–and we are passing that savings ion to you, our customer!

Also, separated cardboard ACTUALLY gets recycled at much higher rate than cardboard mixed with other materials. Co-mingled recycling is recycled at a rate of 60-70% at best. Baled, separated materials are recycled at a rate 95% or better!

Separating the corrugated cardboard from other recyclable materials is a great habit to get into. And it’s pretty simple. Just make sure all your CLEAN, DRY, FLATTENED, CORRUGATED cardboard goes into the dedicated containers. By doing this you’ll help us be better stewards of money and the environment.

If one of our volunteer docents is on duty, feel free to ask them any questions you may have…that’s what they’re there for. Thanks for helping us put cardboard in its place!