How and Why Does ORS Recycle that Way?

If you have ever wondered why we recycle a particular way at ORS, this summer is your chance to find out. 

Last year we offered tours of ORS and its operations, including the new glass crusher. This summer we’ll be offering more tour dates starting June 14th at 10am.

During the tour you’ll get to see how the Z-wall is set up and gain a better understanding of why cardboard, aluminum and glass are separated; what progress is being made on the baler complex; and see our glass crusher (“Big Blue”) in operation. 

As a bonus, we’ll also offer a tour of the Gallery in The Exchange. If you have never been up there, you will be able to see the higher value items that have been donated to The Exchange. 

The tours will last about 60-90 minutes and will max out at 20 people each. If you are interested in signing up please reach out to Duff at We’ll be posting more dates soon so stay in the loop by signing up for the monthly newsletter.

Tour dates:

June 14, 10am

June 28, 11am

July 15, 9am

July 26, 11am

Aug 12, 9am

Aug 23, 11am

Sept 16, 9am 

Sept 27, 11am