How and Why Does ORS Recycle that Way?

You’ve probably seen one of our docents at the Z-wall helping customers with their recycling. Our purpose for being out there is to explain how we recycle on Orcas Island, and to answer your questions. Please call on the docents for help, even if it’s moving a pile of cardboard to the bin.

The docents have been impressed with how well customers are separating and flattening cardboard and we thank you. The acquisition of our baler is scheduled for December of this year, and the new baler building broke ground in September and is scheduled for completion just before the baler arrives. That means 2024 will be the first year of baling our own recycled cardboard—the more we can fit in each bin, the fewer trips we have to make to the mainland—and that saves us $$.  We are excited to see this coming to fruition.

Each month we will be including a particular topic in our monthly newsletter that comes up often at the Z-wall or in other conversations about recycling. We will do our best to provide answers to questions or address concerns – all of which should help you with your recycling.