Annex Interior Funded Thanks to OICF Donors

Update: The Exchange Annex was built and has been in full use including hosting many Sew4ZeroWaste events!

On June 2nd, ORS was awarded a grant of $7,838 to outfit the “Exchange Annex” a multi-purpose workshop, meeting room and classroom in the soon-to-be-rebuilt Exchange re-use facility. The grant was funded by local community members – all living on Orcas Island.

The Annex will have workbenches, work tables and rolling tool cabinets with basic tool sets appropriate for the various projects and classes—everything from how to re-wire a lamp, to small engine repair, to appliance and computer repair, to bicycle repair, to arts and crafts. The space will also allow Exchange personnel and volunteers to test or repair donated items and will easily convert into a meeting space with audio/video capabilities.

While the grant does not pay for the construction of the Annex, it provides funding for tools, furnishings, A/V, and other relevant equipment. The grant was made possible largely by caring members of the Orcas Island community including: Tim Blanchard & Peg Manning, John Carl, Swaran Dhaliwal & Bruce Dalusio, Vicki Leimback, Patricia Miller, Annie Moss Moore, L E Olsan, Marilyn Storey, Suzanne L Olson, Millicent Vetterlein, Jennifer & Scott Wallace, Brian Wise, and OICF.

We have plans to develop classes for both kids and adults, and will collaborate with the Funhouse Commons, the Orcas Island Parks & Rec Department and other organizations. The space will be available for public use, and we expect islanders to respond well to this opportunity to help themselves, each other, and minimize the waste stream!