Consider The Exchange When Making Life Changes

Transitions in life can be difficult. Whether it’s a move, a death in the family, or a need to downsize, there are times when you just need to get rid of items. On some occasions The Exchange has been asked to assist families who have needed to make a transition and have items of value that they want to donate to a good cause.

In recent years The Exchange was asked to assist a prominent family transition off of Orcas Island. They were in possession of a very large art collection which we helped appraise and distribute. Several of the finest pieces were donated to The Burke Museum at The University of Washington, some to the family members, and several pieces were donated to The Exchange to support our Zero Waste mission. The items donated to The Exchange were listed and sold on an online auction that resulted in a sizable donation that will help us continue to serve Orcas Island and our Zero Waste mission.

If you support our mission we would be happy to speak with you about current or future life changes and how we might be able to support a move, death in the family, or estate planning. Email to set up a time to talk.