Be Mindful of Holiday Packaging

It’s that time of year again when you order stuff online (yes, most of us do it) and we get inundated with retailer packaging materials and gift wrapping products that are, unfortunately, not recyclable. We’re reminding everyone to try to be conscious of the use of packaging and wrapping materials this holiday season.

Not all materials are created equal and much of it is not recyclablelike Tyvek and bubblewrap envelopes. And we know it’s so much fun, but wrapping materials such as ribbon, bows, glitter, tissue, foil tissue, metallic paper, holographic paper, and metallic shreds are not recyclable.

Please be sure to remove these items from your recycling bin and reuse or dispose of them properly.

Give the environment the gift of conservation by checking out these long-term steps you can take to reduce paper waste and to reduce plastic waste. And remember you can email places like Amazon ( to request that your orders be packed without plastic or excess packing material! Happy Holidays!