A “Good” Clothing Option

The Exchange continues to have some limitations on accepting clothing donations and we understand this, in turn, effects our customers’ ability to buy preowned clothing from us. Board Member Asifa Pasin shares her recent experience with a responsible clothing recycling company that may be an option if you’re looking to buy gently used items.

I recently had a delightful experience shopping online. About a month and a half ago I realized I needed to buy some new clothes for my 10- and 15-year old children. Living on an island during a pandemic, my options were clearly limited. And the idea of going off island to go shopping in a crowded store just wasn’t appealing. I heard about an online store called Goodfair and decided to try using it rather than shopping on Amazon or other similar online options. The super cool thing about Goodfair is that they sell preowned and gently used clothing. Their mission is to reverse consumerism and the negative effects it has on the planet. They re-introduce clothing back into the consumer cycle that would otherwise head to the landfill! And they do it, brilliantly, online!

Goodfair sell bundles of shirts, pants, hoodies, and more starting at $12 per bundle. I ordered a bundle of four surprise hoodies for $25. I chose the size and indicated if I wanted colored or neutral tones and they pick out the hoodies based on your preferences. The shipping was also very reasonable. I received my order in about a week (not too bad for an online business during these times). Both kids were happy with what they received and I was happy because I knew the ultimate benefit to the environment.

Did you know the average American throws away 81 pounds of clothes every year? There are a few other online thrift stores I would like to try as well in the future but I would definitely shop with Goodfair again.

There are so many reasons why buying secondhand clothes is a good idea: It’s practical, sustainable, and it won’t break the bank. I have no affiliation with Goodfair but I wanted to share my personal experience with other community members who may have a similar need in the future.