Welcome to The Exchange Online Store!

At The Exchange we get great stuff. Sometimes it’s so great, or so ‘specific’, that we want to make sure it ends up in the hands of the right person, preferably an Orcas Islander. The best way we have found to do this is by using eBay. If you purchase something from our eBay store and you are local, be sure to let us know and you can pick it up in-store! Click Here:

Every month we get probably a thousand items donated to us. Not only are those things not ending up in the landfill but most of them are going back into the community to those who need them.  From those many things a small percentage are being priced and sold in the store, some special pieces like art made by locals are sold in our new Loft Gallery. An even smaller number of items are sold through our eBay store (less than 10 items monthly). Those few things really help support us a lot. The income that eBay provides even with those few items has made it easier for us to keep prices low in the store, pay our bills, and provide living wages & benefits to our staff. Thanks for donating to The Exchange!