Lotioncrafter Offers Up FREE Barrels

Lotioncrafter LLC, is a local, raw cosmetic materials distributor. We receive a lot of materials in 55-gallon drums, both plastic and metal, every month. Our goal is to be more sustainable as our business continues to grow. One of the ways that we are pursuing this goal is by working in conjunction with ORS/The Exchange to reduce our carbon footprint by repurposing or recycling these drums. Instead of ending up in a landfill, we are repurposing these drums and scrapping them for metal recycling or giving them to community members for various projects. We have already seen community members use them for garden beds, rainwater catchment, flotation devices for boats, and rocket stoves.

Our employees take extra steps to reduce the amount of leftover material in each of these drums before they are set aside for reuse. Some of the steps in this process involve removing the tops and the bottoms of the metal drums and cleaning any leftover material that may be present through a process of filtration that utilizes a combination of pea gravel, sand, and 100-micron filters to remove harmful materials or chemicals, thereby making it easier to reduce pollution in groundwater, and stream runoffs.

If you have a good idea on how to repurpose these drums and would like to collect some for your project, please contact Ian Welch directly at Ian@Lotioncrafter.com / 360-376-8008, or Pete Moe at ORS/The Exchange.