Comingled Recyclables: $7/can, $350/ton

San Juan County shifted away from sorting recyclables a decade ago, as the industry shifted to co-mingled recycling, where you just throw everything (paper, plastic, steel, aluminum, glass) into one can. This reflected the move towards better and better “MRFs” or Materials Recovery Facilities—that use all kinds of high-tech machinery for sorting out all the recyclables. We currently ship our comingled recycling to a facility in Seattle where our materials are sorted mechanically and by hand.

Separation of recyclables is the way to go: Save 60% by separating your glass and cardboard; and bring in your aluminum beverage cans for free!

Click here to download a printable list of what can and cannot be recycled.

Please be advised that as of November 2014 we can no longer accept recyclables that are in BLACK OR WHITE PLASTIC BAGS. In fact, avoid the use of plastic bags completely! Collect your clean recyclables in brown paper shopping bags, or cardboard boxes.

Head to our Recycling page to see what is and is not accepted.